Polish extreme metal band Behemoth has released new trailer for latest studio album “I Loved You At Your Darkest”. 

In the video, Nergal explained his thougths about Judas Priest singer Rob Halford. He said:

“I met Rob a couple of times. Actually, I’m gonna tell you the story how I met him the second time. It was the last SLAYER show [of the North American tour], and we were just running from room to room, signing each other’s posters and all the memorabilia and stuff.

And I’m just rushing into SLAYER‘s room without even knocking on the door, because that’s how chaotic the whole day looked like. And I’m just entering the room, and it’s quiet. There’s, like, 10 people — all the bandmembers, like SLAYER — and Kerry King [SLAYER guitarist] is standing next to Rob Halford and they’re watching something and it’s quiet.

And I’m, like, entering the room, like, ‘Sorry.’ And I backed off. And then I was, like, ‘Oh, shit. Ah, fuck. I’m re-entering.’ And I just re-entered, just pretending it’s natural circumstances for myself. ‘Hi, what’s up?’ [Laughs] And I approached them to say hi to Rob, and Kerrywas, like, ‘Yeah, we were just watching a clip from you jamming with us a SLAYER song. It’s cool.’ And I was, like, ‘Holy fuck!’ I was starstruck. I love it. It’s awesome.

Thank you, Rob. Thanks for being The Metal God, and thanks for supporting… you know, small fish as well. [Laughs].”

You can watch the trailer from below.