Behemoth lead singer Nergal spoke to Kerrang and recalled a response from one of his fans after he got his booster shot a short time ago. He targeted anti-vaxxers by advising them to act smart for other people’s safety.

COVID-19 has been invading and terrorizing the whole world for almost two years, and it was unstoppable until different vaccines started to be developed. The vaccine split the world in two, some people agreed to get their vaccines while others didn’t want it because of its possible side effects and other personal reasons.

Many musicians decided to get vaccinated for public health and shared their photos to advise their fans to trust the scientists who can be the only people that can save the world. As a supporter, Nergal recently posted his photo while he was getting his booster shot to emphasize that everyone should do the right thing without thinking about their differences.

Nergal’s IG post read:

“3rd jab done!

Not even religious topics are as polarizing as vaccinations these days but both have so much in common. You can either put your trust in proven science or you can continue to live with outdated pseudo beliefs.

But god forbid you to become seriously ill…

Consider your people! Do not be Covidiot, be kind to each other.”

However, the Behemoth frontman stated that he was criticized by anti-vaxxers one of whom sent an e-mail to say that he loves his music but he doesn’t want to be called an idiot. During his interview, Nergal fired back to them saying that ‘don’t be a moron or covidiot’ and get their vaccines to not cause their own or other people’s deaths.

In Nergal’s words, he said:

“I made a post showing myself getting the booster shot and got some different reactions. I got an email from a guy in Germany saying, ‘I love Satanism and all your stuff but since you called me an idiot it’s no more Mr. Heretic.’ I’m like, ‘You just confirmed that you are an idiot.’ So whoever’s reading this, don’t be a moron. In the first place, of course, we want to save our own ass, but the easiest thing to picture is my father.

He’s been hospitalized twice within the last few months. If you don’t get vaccinated and if you get the virus, you have a higher chance of ending up in the hospital. It’s very easy maths; it’s science. If you get vaccinated, there is very little chance that you get hospitalized. If you go to the hospital, you are taking my father’s bed. Please don’t do that. Please be smart and think about people who might not make it, who might get in serious trouble.”

He added:

“So I’m trying to be as reasonable as I can be. I know the world is polarising: the black is blacker, the white is whiter. We are in a very unfortunate position as humankind and the geopolitical map of the world is on very shaky ground. I’m very concerned, so I won’t be just staying calm, ‘Oh, if you say something, you’re going to offend some of your fans!’

Do not fucking buy my album, just save my father’s life, you know? Don’t buy the record, I don’t give a f*ck about that, it’s just another product at the end of the day. Be smart about the health of other people. Be concerned, don’t be a covidiot.”

You can check out the photos below.

Photo Credit: Nergal – Instagram