During the recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Barnie Torme revealed the hardest live performance of his music career.

He remembered the first gig after Randy Rhoads’ death and said:

“The first gig, [in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania] was the hardest gig I’ve ever done — ever. But it must have been so much harder for them doing that first show without Randy. I don’t know how they did that — especially Ozzy and Rudy. It was very hard to do on an emotional level, too.”

He also explained how Ozzy deal with Randy’s death and said:

“So when Randy was killed, I suppose Ozzy really found that hard to handle; anyone would. So he wasn’t in a good way.

There were a lot of tears, and he was having a difficult time health-wise with his voice. A lot of shows had to be canceled. Sometimes when you came offstage, Ozzy would be crying. It must have been very hard.

But he held it together, and he was great onstage. It never showed. And for the record, Ozzy didn’t drink at all on gig days. You couldn’t even bring a can of beer anywhere near the dressing room. It wasn’t allowed.”

Click here to entire interview. You can watch the one of the live performances of Torme with Ozzy Osbourne.