You don’t need to be a die-hard rock music fan, but if you are familiar with the industry somehow, you can easily give the name of Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds among the most activist musicians of our community.

Today, Dan Reynolds and Tom Morello released a common press release and announced that they’ve collaborated with famous producer and transgender rights activist, Shea Diamond, on their recent protest song named ‘Stand Up.’

According to the official announcement, all benefits of the song will be donated to the organizations which fight against racism, police brutality, and injustice like NAACP, Marsha P. Johnson Institute, and Know Your Rights Camp.

Here is the official announcement of Tom Morello:

“I grew up in the tiny lily-white, archly conservative town of Libertyville, Illinois. When I was a kid, someone hung a noose in my family’s garage, there was occasional N-word calling, etc, etc.

On June 6 of this year, there was a Black Lives Matter rally and march in that same town that drew over 1,000 people.

It seems that the times, they are a-changing’. I was so inspired that night, I reached out to Dan from Imagine Dragons. The Bloody Beetroots and I had conjured a slamming track and within 24 hours, Dan had sent back a completed vocal.

We got Shea Diamond, a black transgender woman with a long history of activism, on the track and the coalition was complete.”

And here is what Imagine Dragons star Dan Reynolds wrote:

“When Tom reached out to work together with Shea Diamond and The Bloody Beetroots on this track, I immediately went up into my room and wrote/sang the chorus and verse that day.

This country certainly needs fixing, and I believe it will take people from all sides and colors to fix it.”

You can listen to the featuring track right below.

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