Between the Buried and Me’s latest album, “Automata”, was released as two peaces in March and July 2018.

During the recent interview with Metal Wani, the band’s singer Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. has revealed how Chris Cornell’s death affected their latest album. He said:

“Every album, honestly – when I’m writing stories or anything, I dread the moment of interviews because of, ‘What’s the album about?’. It’s a lot. It’s not like there’s a simple explanation, this one especially is very layered.

There’s some simple things that happen but it just kind of kept evolving and evolving, it has a lot of kind of emotional terms for the character, and you know, a big part of it is the second half towards the end, Chris Cornell died while we were writing.

The character almost kind of absorbed all of that. Because the way I wrote this album – I normally overly plan everything before I even start writing lyrics. And this album, I decided not to do that, and literally started with a simple idea and just kind of built from there.

So at the point, I kind of knew where I wanted to go, but then Chris Cornell thing happened and it just kind of fell, I took the story in a more emotional area, which I think is good with any kind of music.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.