Saxon frontman Biff Byford recalled the time when Ozzy Osbourne took the stage as the opening act for Saxon in his recent interview with Full in Bloom. He answered whether Osbourne was suffering from mental problems because of his divorce.

Ozzy Osbourne met with his first wife Thelma Riley in 1971 while she was working at a nightclub. They tied the knot a very short time later and had two children named Jessica and Louis. However, their marriage was full of ups and downs due to Osbourne’s addiction problems.

Therefore, they decided to break up around 1981, and Osbourne began his Diary of a Madman Tour on November 5, 1981, in Hamburg to support his second studio album ‘Diary of a Madman.’ Also, the musician and his crew opened for Saxon for a few shows as a part of the band’s European tour.

Furthermore, it’s rumored that Osbourne went through hard times after his divorce and that he went to a mental facility during the tour. The host wanted Byford to confirm these claims about the Black Sabbath frontman as a person who witnessed those times. He clearly stated that it’s probably wrong because Osbourne was looking very good back then.

In Byford’s words, he said:

“Randy Rhoads, Rudy Sarzo, Tommy Aldridge… Fantastic band… They were fantastic. They joined us on the European tour. That’s cool. They didn’t do a lot of shows. I think they did a few shows. That was good.”

The host responded:

“They said that he was splitting up with his first wife and actually checked in to a mental health facility. I wouldn’t sure that was the memory that you recalled. They said that he left the tour because of that.”

Byford added:

“He wasn’t really out of the edge. He was great actually, singing great, having a laugh, and he was good.

You can check out the interview below.