Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher spoke in an interview with Let There Be Talk and revealed that why Metallica is better than Iron Maiden for him.

He talked on his erliest influences, here:

To me it was ‘Ride the Lightning,’ ‘Master…’ I think it was more ‘Master of Puppets.’ Because back in the day none of that shit was on the radio. Nothing. The only thing that was on the radio and it still is up there in Rochester, New York is like Boston, Scorpions, Van Halen…”

On Metallica vs Iron Maiden, he said:

“As far as like metal, back in the day we didn’t have those kinds of bands on the radio, so you’d have to go to the record store – when they had record stores – and you’d look through the album covers. I did. And I would say ‘This album cover looks fuckin’ awesome.’

So I picked up ‘Master of Puppets’ and I flipped it over and looked to the back and that’s when I saw the dudes, long hair, and the Misfits shirts and ripped jeans. And I was like ‘These guys don’t give a fuck about what they look like.’ And they’ve got a crowd of like a million people behind them.

And I was like ‘The song titles are rad. I wanna take this home and give it a listen.’ And that’s when I was like ‘This is like classical music with electric guitar.’ It’s done really beautifully.

Because at the time Iron Maiden – they were too untouchable for me. The vocals I couldn’t get into and the guitars were just so perfect. And all the harmonies… I mean, now I can appreciate them. They were definitely way too upper echelon for my brain at the time.”

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