Mastodon rhythm guitarist Bill Kelliher recently opened up about his role in the band during an interview with Guitar World. According to the musician, his bandmate Brent Hinds gets all the attention which is fine for him.

Bill Kelliher isn’t just the rhythm guitarist of Mastodon as he performs a number of different roles within the band. The rocker performs backing vocals during live performances in addition to complex guitar parts and occasional lead guitar.

Furthermore, Kelliher shares guitar duties with guitarist and vocalist Brent Hinds in terms of difficult rhythm parts along with occasionally playing solos in a number of songs such as ‘Sleeping Giant,‘ and harmonized dual leads like on ‘Black Tongue.

While Kelliher shares significant guitar roles within the band with Brent Hinds, he doesn’t get as much attention as his fellow musician as he revealed during a recent conversation with Guitar World.

According to Bill Kelliher, Brent Hinds is the lead guitarist who also sings which is the main reason why he gets all the attention. In addition to this, he has a wild personality that puts him at the center of attention as well.

After mentioning that his bandmate steals the spotlight, Kelliher said that he has no hard feelings for the situation since everybody in the band knows who does what. Moreover, the guitarist said that he’s happy with the role he has even though it’s not as out there as Hinds.

According to Guitar World, Kelliher said:

“Brent’s the quote-unquote lead guitarist, and he sings, so of course, he gets all the attention. And he’s a wild man, which makes him, even more, the center of attention. So I mean, whatever.

I don’t mind standing in the back and not getting all the accolades. It’s fine with me. Everyone in my band knows who does what, and I’m totally cool with my role. And I love what we do.”

Regardless of the fact that Kelliher said he doesn’t mind being in the background while his bandmate gets all the praise, it sounded like he wants more of that attention after all. On the bright side, this little competition contributes to their music as Hinds and Kelliher won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods award for best shredders on June 12, 2007.