One of the most popular political figures in America by his HBO political talk show ‘Real-Time,’ also a long-time buddy of Mötley Crüe members, Bill Maher, has posted a recent tweet and it went viral on social media in a short time.

While Bill shared the news that Joe Biden seems up by eight for the upcoming elections, he also stated that the president who fights with the COVID-19 right now is fine and resting in his home. However, according to the latest reports of USA Today, Trump and his relatives spread the virus to at least 6.000 people in the United States.

After he sent this message and likened the situation with Mötley Crüe, the drummer Tommy Lee and the bassist of the band Nikki Sixx took to their official social media pages and admitted that they’ve laughed their asses off to that clever joke. While Nikki Sixx chooses to send the post using emojis, Tommy Lee has reposted without making any comment.

Here is what Bill Maher wrote:

“USA Today says Trump and his entourage have infected or exposed at least 6,000 people in five states beating the old record set by Motley Crue.”

You can all out all these social media posts right below.

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