Former Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward opened up about the hard times he went through before he reunited with Black Sabbath for a project in his recent interview with Louder Sound.

Black Sabbath founding members Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, and Ozzy Osbourne gained international fame and commercial success with their iconic records and stage performances and are described as the pioneers of heavy metal music. However, the band members parted ways several times due to their personal problems.

The other problem was their serious addiction to alcohol and drugs, which caused many disputes and incidents over the years until they decided to battle their addictions and get sober. As one of them, Ward left the band in 1980 without even saying anything except giving a phone call to Ronnie James Dio.

Later, he stated that he couldn’t stay in the band after Ozzy Osbourne’s departure and confessed that his addiction worsened right before leaving Black Sabbath. Following Iommi, Butler, and Osbourne’s reunion for Ozzyfest in 1997, they also reunited with Ward to record Black Sabbath’s live album entitled ‘Reunion,’ released on October 20, 1998.

Bill Ward revealed that he had lost everything, was in the middle of a financial crisis, and was struggling with his alcohol addiction when he was offered to work on an album with the Black Sabbath members. The drummer realized that he needed to change his way of living thanks to this record back then.

In Ward’s words, he said:

“In 1984, I had lost everything – I didn’t even have a pair of pants. I was wearing somebody else’s! I crawled out of an alley after heavy alcohol abuse and realized I was killing myself. It became about rebuilding myself and strengthening my body. A couple of years later, I stopped eating meat, period.

There was a lot of hard work to be done, but one of the best things that ever happened for me was getting to do the Black Sabbath ‘Reunion’ album. I thought that part of my life was gone, and I was really sad about it, so getting to come back in and kick some ass really took care of that.”

The original Black Sabbath drummer highlighted that he started to strengthen his body to perform as well as before for the ‘Reunion’ album. Also, he stopped using alcohol and became a vegan, which can be considered a dramatic change in his life, especially considering his toxic and dangerous lifestyle during the ’70s and ’80s.

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