Black Sabbath original drummer Bill Ward opened up about his current relationship with former bandmates during an interview in the new issue of Metal Hammer. Apparently, the musician is on good terms with both Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne, although he was excluded from the band’s last projects.

Bill Ward’s tenure with Black Sabbath was quite problematic due to his substance abuse and health issues. Though he was with the band since its formation, Ward left them multiple times. The drummer reunited with his band members numerous times over the years as well.

In fact, Iommi, Butler, Osbourne, and Ward announced that they were reuniting to record a new album and start touring in 2012. However, Ward didn’t appear on Black Sabbath’s last studio album, ’13,’ due to his health issues. Furthermore, Ward didn’t attend the band’s last world tour, saying he was absent for health reasons and an unsettled agreement.

There was an obvious tension between the former bandmates following this incident, and Ozzy Osbourne had shared a post on his official Facebook account, which has now been deleted.

In the post, Osbourne said:

“Bill, stop this smokescreen about an ‘unsignable contract’ and let’s be honest. Deep down inside, you knew you weren’t capable of doing the album and a 16-month tour. Unfortunately for you, our instincts were correct as you were in hospital several times during 2013.

Your last hospitalization was for shoulder surgery that you now say you’ve only just recovered from. This would have meant that our world tour would have been canceled. So how is all of this my fault? Stop playing the victim and be honest with yourself and our fans.”

During a recent interview, Bill Ward was asked about his current relationship with former band members Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne. Apparently, the drummer was angry at them but has made his peace with everything that happened in 2012.

Ward stressed that he loves both Iommi and Osbourne and that it’s amazing to communicate with both of them whenever he wants. It appears that he doesn’t have the closest relationship with his ex-bandmates, but they are on good terms regardless of their past.

During the interview, Ward said:

“I love the you-know-what out of those guys. I’ve come through the angry bits that happened in 2012 and arrived in a place of being at peace with myself and with them.

I’m glad we did what we did and often go down memory lane with the early work we did in Copenhagen and the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

I love those guys and all the imperfections that go with that. It’s a great feeling, having come as far as we have, and I’m happy just being able to write or talk to them if I want to.”

Considering that they spent decades together, it would be heartbreaking to see these three musicians apart from each other. Fortunately, they have worked on their relationship to come to a point where they are comfortable seeing and talking to each other once again.