The original drummer of legendary British band Black Sabbath who parted ways with the band without even making an explanation back in 1980, Bill Ward, has recently been interviewed by ‘Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation’ this week and talked about recording a new album with Black Sabbath once again.

As you might already know, Ozzy Osbourne and the other Sabbath members have talked about the possible return of Bill numerous times. In 2013, Ozzy Osbourne has been interviewed by NY Daily News and claimed that Bill is too fat to play with Black Sabbath and a proper drummer has to be in shape to play in a live show.

He also reminded the Sabbath fans that Bill has already had two heart attacks and he does not want to be responsible for his life.

Here is what Bill Ward said about Ozzy’s words:

“Well, I’m not done with Black Sabbath legacy I haven’t been done. I was made done, but I’m not done. So, the others might be done, but I’m not. But being realistic about that, as far as touring with Black Sabbath, I don’t have the chops, and I don’t have the ability to drive a band like that on stage. I have to be back to 60 years old to be able to do that.”

He continued:

“I would love to do a studio album with Sabbath, with all the original members. I’m just saying that — I’m just floating that out there. I haven’t talked to anybody about that or anything else. But I’m not done. So, the other three might be done, and I respect that, but no, I’m not done. I think as long as we all exist and we’re still breathing in air, I think we have every possibility of making some great music together.”

I’m being honest. I’ll be 73 next birthday, and I know what kind of energy it takes to drive that band.”

Back in 2020, Bill Ward has made yet another interview with ‘Rock Candy Magazine‘ about why he declined the Black Sabbath’s reunion offer in 2011 and stated that even someone put a gun on his head, he could not sign that contract. However, this is one of the most regrettable things he’s gone through in his whole life.

Let’s check out what he said earlier:

“I wish the others all the best, I really do. Do I still love them? Yes. I certainly don’t resent them. Just wish them well. I made it well known to everybody who was important that I wanted something that was fair, and it just didn’t happen. Even if someone had held a gun to my head, I couldn’t have signed that contract.

It was one of the most regrettable things I’ve ever gone through in my life and I was particularly sad for the fans over how things ended up. But that hasn’t stopped me from loving the guys. Sabbath is where my heart lies.”

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