In a recent interview with Classic Rock, Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward opened up about the band’s early years. The musician revealed that he knew what would happen to them in the beginning.

Black Sabbath can be considered one of the pioneers of heavy metal music with its distorted sound, emphatic beats, aggression, and loudness. The band’s self-titled debut studio album, which was released on February 13, 1970, in the UK, became a genre-definer work for critics and future metalheads.

As a founding member, Bill Ward shared his thoughts and experiences about those days, saying that he knew they were different and everyone would hate them. However, in time, the band became more and more popular by sharing it with Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple.

Moreover, the drummer described the situation as ‘us against the world,’ so they always supported each other during that process. Ward highlighted their strong friendship thanks to being from the same place, background and having a common language.

Ward stated in his interview that:

“I came away knowing that we were different and that everybody would probably hate us. I was right. However, at twenty-one, I was unstoppable. I was in Black Sabbath; what did you expect? It was us against the world. The camaraderie was amazing.

We were always around and cracking jokes at each other’s expense, but we respected each other’s abilities and the friendships we had. We were all from the same place, same background; we had a common language.”

Even though Black Sabbath received negative reviews from many people back then, the band proved their extraordinary talent and quickly gained fame and commercial success despite several lineup changes.