Black Sabbath’s original drummer Bill Ward recently spoke to Metal Hammer and opened up about his time in the band. He shared his biggest regret in Black Sabbath, which was during the making of the ‘Heaven and Hell’ album.

Bill Ward was at the height of his career with Black Sabbath but this successful journey was interrupted by his drug and alcohol abuse problems. It started to increase day by day and he even began drinking during the gigs. After recording the 1980 album, ‘Heaven and Hell,’ he just said to the band members that he was off and left the band.

Later on, Ward regularly kept coming and going to the band to record new materials during the 1980s. He also made brief returns to Black Sabbath for some special occasions. In recent years, Bill Ward reunited with the Black Sabbath members a few times for various award ceremonies but he couldn’t perform with the band due to his health problems, which prevented him from playing drums.

During the recent interview, Ward recalled his time in Black Sabbath and stated that the band was ‘everything to him.’ He also revealed one of his biggest regrets about his time in the band, which was selling his house because they needed money for the 1980 album, ‘Heaven and Hell.’ Ward expressed that it was something very important for him at the time but the band came first and he didn’t think twice to sell his house to raise money for the album.

Bill Ward is speaking on one of his biggest regrets during his time in Black Sabbath:

“One of my biggest regrets was I sold a beautiful house because we needed to raise money to pay for the album ‘Heaven And Hell.’ Getting a big house and farm after growing up in Aston felt like a big deal. But the band came before everything else and we needed money at that point to move on to the next thing.”

Later on in the interview, Bill Ward explained that he still loves his former bandmates despite everything that they went through. He stated that he made peace with them and also with himself. Ward said that he is proud of what they achieved at the time and he is happy that he has the chance to talk to them whenever he wants.