Billie Eilish mentioned the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins in a red carpet interview. Moreover, the singer played her song ‘Happier Than Ever’ with her brother Finneas at the Grammys and wore a Taylor Hawkins shirt at the performance.

Taylor Hawkins’ sudden death deeply affected his band members, fellow musicians, and fans. Countless people shared their sadness and condolences, especially on social media. Roger Taylor dedicated his OBE rank to Taylor Hawkins and called him ‘the most wonderful man.’

As another name, the Beatles icon Paul McCartney recalled when he played with Foo Fighters in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by thanking Hawkins for their time together. McCartney also mentioned Hawkins as a ‘true Rock and Roll hero.’

Besides rock stars, celebrities from other genres showed their respect to Taylor Hawkins because he was an important name in the music industry. Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas were two of them as the siblings admired the drummer and his band. Finneas said they wished to meet Hawkins earlier in an interview on the red carpet, stating that he was a legendary player who inspired many musicians.

Finneas indicated that Hawkins was a kind, cool, and generous person. He added that they were sorry due to his passing. Billie also expressed her sorrow and mentioned that they heard this tragic news just before one of their shows deeply saddened them. Eilish wore all-black during her Grammy performance with a shirt showing Taylor’s face to pay homage to the late drummer.

Finneas said on the red carpet the following:

Taylor was such a legendary player. We were admirers of his work years before we got to meet him. And we only met him a handful of times. I wish we got to spend more time with him, but he couldn’t have been a kinder, cooler, more generous person as well. And such a deeply inspiring person. We’re just heartbroken.”

Billie continued:

“It was incredibly heartbreaking. It was right before we went on stage. And we got the news, and it really, really tore us all apart. It’s horribly, horribly tragic.”

You can watch the entire red carpet interview below.