During a recent appearance on the ‘Scars&Guitars Podcast,’ Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick has shared his thoughts about pop singer Billie Eilish.

As you might remember, Billie Eilish has won Grammy prizes in 5 different categories at 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, which is taking place in Los Angeles, on 26 January, and she achieved major success.

In the statement, Skolnick praised Grammy-awarded singer with really nice words and said that he respected what she’s doing.

Here’s what Alex stated:

“I got to be honest, she’s singing for real, Some of her live television appearances have been really good – that live on the radio…”

He continued:

“And her brother [Finneas] is a really great musician. He plays keyboards, guitar… I respect what she’s doing.

I know it would probably be an odd fit, but she’s one of the few I would probably say ‘yes’ to. There’s plenty of who I would absolutely not work with.”

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