Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman, primary songwriter, and lead guitarist of the iconic band Green Day, cleared up the misunderstanding about a band titled The Network being the ‘side project’ of Green Day through sharing stories and comments of his fans’ on his official Instagram stories.

The Network was formed in 2003 and they claimed to be brought together by an ancient prophecy. Their history is suspicious of having one debut album titled ‘Money Money 2020’ which was released in 2003 by Green Day‘s frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s record label Adeline Records. The band members also hide their identities by using accents and wearing masks.

In October 2005, the band opened for Green Day for several shows and after that, they completely vanished. There have been allegations about them since the beginning, assumingly the band is a secret side project of Green Day.

Billie Joe Armstrong denied the involvement of any Green Day members in The Network back then by stating that The Network is totally spreading rumors. However, in a 2013 interview, bassist Mike Dirnt revealed that the group was in fact Green Day stating that ‘Money Money 2020’ was another Green Day project.

While speculations about The Network was buried due to the band being inactive for 15 years, the band released a teaser trailer intitled ‘The Prophecy’ on their official Instagram page and announced that ‘Money Money 2020 Part II’ will be released.

The video lighted the rumors and fans started to pour comments under the video, once again allegedly stating that The Network is Green Day. The frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared numerous Instagram stories stating that Green Day is not The Network and Armstrong also shared fans’ comments on the post supporting Green Day.

Here is what Armstrong said:

“I don’t know who this is. And we are not The Network.

Fuck these guys.

You can see the Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram Stories
Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram Stories
Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram Stories