Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and lead guitarist of Green Day, shared a post on his official Instagram stories about an ongoing allegation about having a secret side-band titled ‘The Network’ after the Los Angeles Times’ recent news.

For those of you who may not know, The Network was formed in 2003, since the members of the band hid their identities, there have been allegations about them such as the band being a side project of Green Day. Back then, Billie Joe Armstrong denied the involvement of any Green Day members in The Network.

The Network released a video entitled ‘The Prophecy’ on their official Instagram page and announced that ‘Money Money 2020 Part II’ will be released, after 15 years. The video blasted rumors about The Network and Green Day being the same band once again and Billie Joe Armstrong had to share Instagram stories in order to clarify the fact that Green Day is not The Network.

Since not everyone is convinced with Armstrong’s statements, some still consider The Network as Green Day. The official website of the Los Angeles Times recently shared an article after The Network released a brand new single titled ‘Ivankkka Is A Nazi,’ and they referred to The Network as widely believed to be Green Day in luchador masks and wigs.

After this incident, Billie Joe Armstrong, once again, had to share a post on his official Instagram stories and stated that Green day is not involved with The Network.

Here is what Armstrong said:

“What the hell is The Network. Los Angeles Times, Green Day is NOT The Network. ONLY THE NETWORK IS THE NETWORK.”

You can see the Instagram story below and check out the L.A Times’ article here.

Photo Credit: Billie Joe Armstrong – Instagram Stories