According to the latest report of Abigail Gillibrand of Metro UK, Green Day’s iconic frontman Billie Joe Armstrong praised Billie Eilish with claiming that Billie’s song named ‘Wish You Were Gay’ is saving lives for years.

While praising her with beautiful words, Billie Joe stated that he can’t believe he’s making an interview with 17-years-old American star.

Here is what Billie said about another Billie:

“Things are supposed to be messy. Life is messy. I’m supposed to sing like shit one night. My guitar is gonna break.

Mike’s gonna annoy me. I’m gonna annoy Mike. Tré’s gonna throw a drumstick at me. ‘But that’s the part of what drew me to punk, because it’s all one big imperfection. It’s like taking trash and making it beautiful. It’s OK to be ugly.”

He continued with referencing Billie Eilish:

“That’s one thing I really liked that you said to your fans when I saw your show. You said something about not having it together. You said something about how, you’re in the right place if you’re crazy.

I think about that a lot, because that’s what a lot of people come home with. A song like Wish You Were Gay, that’s just a rad song, but I think it saves lives — I do.”

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