Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong shared a video on his official Instagram page of his allegedly secret sideband The Network‘s brand new song named ‘FENTANYL,’ however, the post also insulted Armstrong’s new album titled ‘No Fun Mondays.’

There have been rumors about The Network being a secret side project of Green Day for a long time and both sides have been denying the situation on their official social media accounts.

As you may know, Billie Joe Armstrong’s official Instagram account now belongs to his alleged The Network persona ‘Mango Fink,’ and all of his previous posts have been deleted.

Since Armstrong has been strictly stating that Green Day has nothing to do with The Network, fans are divided between those who believe that his account is hacked by The Network and those who think Green Day is The Network and all the drama was for commercial.

Recently, a video clip from The Network’s brand new song ‘FENTANYL‘ was posted on Billie Joe Armstrong’s official Instagram account. Although it’s still vague whether his account is hacked or he is actually ‘Mango Fink,’ in the caption of the post, Armstrong’s new album named ‘No Fun Mondays’ was also announced. However, the post criticized Green Day star’s new album claiming it was all covers, while, on the other hand, promoted and praised The Network’s new song.

Here is what was written:

“Billie Joe’s No Fun Mondays album is out today but fuck that, they’re all covers – not even his own songs! Instead here’s the video Fentanyl, the genius you deserve!”

The official Instagram page of Green Day shared a post announcing their brand new cover album which they have been working on during quarantine, named ‘No Fun Mondays,’ consists of 14 songs, over a month ago and it’s released now.

You can see the Instagram post and ‘FENTANYL’ below.