The legendary musician and frontman of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, has continued to share a really rare video of himself with his bandmates on his official Instagram page.

As you know that Billie Joe Armstrong has posted many really special photos and videos of himself on social media for a few weeks and he remembered the old days thanks to these images.

Today, Billie has revealed yet another rare concert video of himself with his bandmates on Instagram. This video was taken in 1992 while they were on the tour called ‘Kerplunk Tour’ and he was singing a song on the stage.

Apparently, he still remembers those days and told what he happened on the tour in 1992. This video was watched by his many close followers and it reached more than 38k likes.

Here’s what he wrote:

“This is from the 1992 kerplunk tour. I believe this place was called a nappy dugout in Vancouver. I remember a line of lowrider bikes in front of the club. Always great times there.

Tre’s clown camp teacher let us stay at her house. She had an amazing dog that could do dog tricks.. very sweet .. does anyone remember the nappy dugout?”

A user named Fintan Donerd commented:

“You should come back to Vancouver soon! We miss you guys.”

Another user named Jacob Sramek wrote:

“Hoping the Hella Mega tour still happens…”

You can see the Instagram post right below.