Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan spoke in a recent interview with Tom Power and criticized the press and media while explaining what they are really doing.

In the conversation, Billy mentioned that he has been using his official social media accounts to interact with his fans because people only know him from the media and clickbait articles.

In this way, he could be able to show his true personality and create his own media. Additionally, Billy explained why it is so unthinkable to say that he is a crazy person by saying that he has been successfully making music for years.

To criticize the media, Billy said that they don’t run drama or clickbait business, they are only running music business with the band. He pointed out that playing and recording is the only job they know.

Additionally, Billy called out his followers and said that they will continue to make this music as long as the people like it and said that this is the only thing they have ever asked for from the fans.

Here is what Billy Corgan said:

“It’s a musical business here — we run a musical business. We don’t run a drama business, we don’t run a clickbait business — we run a music business.

We write songs and we produce records and we do concerts. And as long as people are supportive of that, we get to do more of that. That’s all we’ve ever asked for.”

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