In an interview with Variety, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top talked about how his bandmate Dusty Hill knew that there was something unusual with him right before he passed away.

As you may know, Dusty Hill passed away at the age of 72 and the band announced his death from ZZ Top’s Instagram account. The cause of death has not been revealed, yet on July 23, the band had stated that Hill needed to go back home to Texas to resolve a hip problem. 

The cause of death is still undetermined but in his recent interview, Gibbons stated that prior to his passing. Hill has excused himself from the shows because he knew there was something wrong with him felt that he needed to take care of it.

In the interview, he began by saying:

“He requested dismissing himself, he said, ‘Yeah, let me go check this out.’ Of course, I said, ‘Hey, man, health is number one. Go do your thing’ and I could tell through those first two valiant attempts if he’s not giving it 110%, he was the first one to kind of say, ‘Gee whiz. Let’s go take care of this.'”

Gibbons continued in the interview to state that his problems were not small. Although these issues did not necessarily lead to his death, they certainly affected Hill’s quality of life. He also mentioned that although he tried to take care of himself as much as he could, it was still difficult.

Here is what Gibbons fully said about Hill’s health problems:

“It’s no secret that over the past few years he had a pretty rough go with a broken shoulder, followed with a broken hip. And he had some problems with some ulcers. So he’s been kind of tiptoeing through keeping himself ship-shape, best he could. But I think that this was a real challenge. And by throwing in the towel, it might’ve caught up with him. Who knows? I’m just glad he’s in a good spot.”

He also recalled that it seemed like Hill was kind of aware that he would die soon. The doctors told him before that his illnesses are not easy to deal with and that even though people rarely pass away from a broken shoulder or hip, they definitely lead to other problems.

Gibbons was asked if he died without a cause and here is what he replied:

“That’s about all they can determine. Let’s face it, you don’t necessarily pass away from a broken shoulder or broken hip. Although the attending physician had earlier warned him that bursitis was not uncommon, even arthritis, and they said it’s not a very comfortable place to be. And I could tell that he was moving a little slow. He said, ‘Boy, this shoulder and hip are really starting to become a problem.’ But, as of this juncture, yeah, it was off to dreamland and beyond.”

In the interview, the ZZ Top frontman also mentioned that Hill said ‘the show must go on’ before he left to deal with his health, meaning that they should continue without him, and this is exactly what the band is doing. They will continue their tour with their guitar tech Elwood Francis, who will replace Dusty Hill.