In an interview with Rolling Stone, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons explained what he did learn from Jimi Hendrix when touring with him. He said:

He was a real technical wizard. He was inventing things to do with the Stratocaster guitar I am confident the designers had no clue would unfold in later years. Jimi had the talent to make that work for him.

His technique was very peculiar in that he was playing a right-handed guitar in a left-handed style, upside down. To look at it and try to figure out what he was doing was very daunting. But we got to share opposing hotel rooms always at the end of the hall and the doors were always open.

He had a record player delivered each and every afternoon, and he would motion to me, “Come on over here. Lets see if we can figure this out.” And we wound up listening to Jeff Beck trying to figure things out. I said, “Jimi, chances are that Jeff Beck is sitting there listening to you saying the same thing. ‘How do we do this?'”

He also explained his best guitar advise, which came from BB King himself. He said:

“B.B. King laid quite a simplistic statement on me: Learn to play what you want to hear.

When you’re trying to learn an instrument, chances are you find yourself at the feet of a teacher who may have an idea of what you should learn. But if you learn to play what you want to hear in your head, you are steps ahead.”

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