A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel talked with Music Radar and revealed his favorite 10 guitar album. His top 10 list includes Alice In Chains’ legendary album “Dirt”.

Billy has shared his thoughts about Alice In Chains and Jerry Cantrell. He revealed how they was influenced by Dirt album, when they recording ‘Mer De Noms’.

Here’s the statement:

“This is another big, ballsy rock record. I think they may have been the catalyst for me tuning my guitar down to C# – I was trying to figure out their some of their songs, ended up liking how it sounded and I’ve been there ever since… stuck in this C# tuning!

Dirt was perfect, every song on that record raised the bar for me, as an artist or musician. Looking at the energy they had, I really do think Mer De Noms was my best effort to get back to the feeling I had when I heard Dirt for the first time. It had heaviness but intimacy to it as well. Jerry Cantrell is amazing… he was and still is.”

Mer de Noms is the debut studio album by A Perfect Circle. The album was released on May 23, 2000.

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