Rebel Yell and White Wedding singer, Billy Idol has retweeted the tweet of his longtime bandmate and friend, Billy Morrison, on his official and verified Twitter account.

The birthday of Ozzy Osbourne was 2 days ago, a lot of people, friends, and fans have celebrated the 71st birthday of Ozzy Osbourne via their social media accounts.

Billy Morrison was one of the people who celebrated Ozzy’s birthday yesterday. He shared a really special photo of himself with Ozzy Osbourne, also, he penned down a sincere message and told the story of the photo.

Here’s what Billy Morrison wrote:

“A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this guy. Thank you for the many years of friendship, laughter, guidance, cream cakes, and more laughter! Get the kettle on, @OzzyOsbourne – I’ll be over in 15 minutes.”

Today, Billy Idol has retweeted the tweet of Billy Morrison and remembered the recent birthday of Ozzy Osbourne and wrote a simple birthday message to celebrate his 71st birthday.

Here’s the birthday message of Billy Idol:

“Happy Birthday @OzzyOsbourne!”

You can see all the tweets right below.