Jetboy’s Billy Rowe recently spoke about seeing AC/DC live for the first time when he didn’t know about them before. He described the experience as being hit by a lightning bolt.

Billy Rowe founded Jetboy in 1983, and the band rose to prominence in the mid-’80s. They caught the attention of many record producers at the time, and they gained popularity more and more as they attended the biggest festival in the States. They disbanded in 1992 and reunited in 2006 to still perform today.

The band’s founder recently spoke about seeing AC/DC for the first time in his life. Surprisingly, the talented guitarist hadn’t heard of the band before seeing them live. The dates of this event are uncertain, but the rocker only knew the ‘Let There Be Rock’ album cover because he had seen it in his brother’s room.

After seeing them live, the guitarist discovered them and was hooked. He stated that seeing them live hit him like a lightning bolt. After the performance, he bought their albums ‘High Voltage’ and ‘Powerage.’

Here is what he stated about seeing AC/DC live for the first time:

“I think I knew Van Halen a little bit because my neighbor used to crank that first record. But I wasn’t sure who it was. Then going to the show, all the dots connected, and it was all over.

But AC/DC, I did not know them at all. I think I’d maybe seen the ‘Let There Be Rock’ cover in my buddy’s brother’s room, but that was it. But when I saw them live, that band hit me like a lightning bolt. I went out and bought ‘High Voltage’ first, then ‘Powerage.’ I was hooked. It was amazing, for sure.”

Considering AC/DC’s name and albums, the idea of describing them as a ‘lightning bolt’ seems very appropriate. Their influence is worldwide, so while it seems strange that Rowe didn’t know of them until after he saw them live, it makes sense that their music instantly drew his attention.

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