Bass guitarist Billy Sheehan talked about the time when he joined David Lee Roth’s solo band during a recent appearance on Breaking Absolutes.

After parting ways with Van Halen, David Lee Roth formed his own band in 1985, and he has been working on his own projects ever since. During this time, he has worked with numerous talented musicians, such as Steve Vai.

Steve Vai was one of the artists who played with David, and he is the first guitarist that Diamond Dave recruited. Around that time, Billy Sheehan was on the bass guitar but he was replaced by Matt Bissonette after three years.

In the conversation, Billy pointed out that David treated everybody pretty well and they had a great time during the tours. Also, Billy mentioned that all the cool and great things that they did back in the days were David’s idea.

After talking about how well David interacted with his band members, Billy also praised his talents as a vocalist and stated that he loved David’s voice a lot. Besides that, Billy is also grateful to David for helping him work with such great musicians.

Billy Sheehan on his experience with David Lee Roth:

“Dave was very, very smart and I love him dearly. It was his bat and ball, it was his game, it was his thing. He did it right, he treated us very well, and we had a great time on that tour.

And mostly ideas of anything that you see that is cool or clever or interesting, were Dave’s ideas. That’s just the way he is, quite a talent in many respects.

And I love his voice too but I’m forever grateful to him for giving me the break he did and doing that band with him and working with Steve Vai, Gregg Bissonette, and Brett Tuggle also. Just dear, dear friends of mine and wonderful supremely talented people.”

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