After releasing her latest album named Champion, Bishop Briggs had a new interview with Loudersound and revealed her thoughts on releasing ‘this’ honest and at the same time, terrifying album.

Bishop also mentioned the legends like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Adele, and Amy Winehouse. At the same time, she compared ‘Champion’ with her debut album, ‘Church Of Scars’ and stated that she realized that the day of the release was her personal therapy.

Here is what Bishop said:

“It just feels like a total release of my soul. That feels really liberating and scary all at once, but I feel really thankful for it. I just started showing up in people’s studios weeping, and I needed to create. More so than wanted to, I needed to.

With this album, I am talking about my flaws as a human being and as a woman and the things that I try and work on every single day. I think that’s what drew me to Amy Winehouse as well from a really young age, the fact that she can just lay all her cards out there unapologetically.”

The new-age star also responded to the long-awaited question of why she’s shaving her head.

Here is what she said:

“I recall really early memories of wanting to shave my head. So when I did, and with the catalyst being someone I’m in love with and rooting for, it was such a crazy way to find out that this was the most me I had ever felt.”

You can listen to her latest album below.

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