For the Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin had a recent interview with former bodybuilding champion and musician Jon Mikl Thor.

Jon Mikl Thor revealed an untold story about him and Led Zeppelin icon Jimmy Page; and  said that Jimmy was sleeping during after party. 

Neil Turbin also talked about his new album Hammer and Justice and the release of his upcoming DVD documentary, Return of The Thunderhawk.

Here is the story about Jimmy Page:

“We signed to Doug Smith on a management deal as he was blown away by our show in New York in the 1983. Doug Smith also managed Motorhead, Gilrschool and Tank. Smith said to us he can break us in England during the release of the Thor album Unchained.

Early 1984 we played the Marquee Club in London and Jimmy Page was in the audience and he said to me afterwards, very good Jon. I think he was a little plastered at the time when I met him cause during the after party and I saw him sleeping, with his head on the table.”

You can watch the full interview below: