Black Sabbath mastermind Tony Iommi has posted a rare photo of himself with bassist Geezer Butler and Craig Murto, who died from cancer, on his official Twitter page.

Tony penned a really emotional message after the death of his old friend, Craig Murton, and also he sent his condolences to Craig’s family and wife.

Here’s what Tony wrote on Twitter:

“Sad to hear of the passing of Craig Murto he’s been battling cancer for a while now and I’ve just heard he lost his fight.

He was a really nice guy and a huge fan of Sabbath! My condolences to his wife and family. R.I.P. Tony”

A Twitter user named Ronald responded to Tony’s post and said:

“The ones who ‘lose’ their battle with cancer are those who lack the will to fight it. Craig sounds like a winner to me, because he was a fighter: No doubt you inspired him as much by YOUR example as by the majesty of your music, Tony.”

Another fan commented:

“Craig was my mom’s cousin. Thank you for the condolences, he loved is rock n roll!”

Check out the original post from Twitter below.