Founding member of Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler, took his official Twitter account to slam the animal hunters and supported the ‘Ban Trophy Hunting’ campaign which is a campaign that people are trying to prevent the trophy hunting.

In the post, Geezer actually replied to the British actor Peter Egan’s tweet and supported his ideas. Also, Geezer stated that these people are coward scum idiots, and he wished that animals could fire back at them.

Here is what Peter Egan said earlier:

There really is nothing like a Dame..especially when it’s #DameJudiDench giving her support to end the horror of #TrophyHunting we will stop the smug psychopaths who delight in shocking us with their bloodlust and we will #EndTrophyHunting”

Geezer Butler wrote:

“God I wish animals were armed so they could fire back at these cowardly scum idiots #BanTrophyHunting”

A fan named Joe replied with pictures:

“I was in Africa in November of 2018. Never once did the desire occur to me to shoot them with anything other than my camera.”

You can read the tweets below.