The legendary bassist of Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler was the recent interview guest of the Metal Hammer and revealed how his childhood days affected him as a musician.

Geezer Butler also made an interesting statement and said that catholic priests used to scare him more than Satan itself.

Here is his statement:

“Birmingham got heavily bombed during WWII, so in the early ’50s, it was still full of a lot of bombed-out buildings.

We had rationing – you could only get a government allowance of food, but I didn’t know anything different, so I had a very adventurous childhood. I had air raid shelters and destroyed buildings to play in. It was great for the imagination.”

Metal Hammer:

“You clearly have a strong command of language…”

Geezer Butler:

“I was always good at English. When we had to do composition or literature I was always good at that. And I always loved reading; I’ve never gone a day without a book.

I was brought up a strict Catholic… I was really interested in the spiritual world so I used to read a lot about that.”

Metal Hammer:

“What, The Bible?”

Geezer Butler:

“No, I’d have that drummed into me at school and at church so I wanted to read about the other side. I’d always hear about Satan, so I wanted to find out what that was about, so I started reading up on astral planes, all that kind of stuff. I used to have weird experiences when I was a kid; orbs appearing to me…

It sounds like I’m nuts. When I was four, I felt a presence in the room and I saw this orb hovering above my head and I could see the future in it and it just disappeared into the fireplace. I used to have these dreams… I’d wake up and it would happen the next day. A lot disappeared when I got to my teen years.”

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