A new 8-bit video game called Legend of Ozzy, which is dedicated to Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne, has appeared and is available for free via the web browsers.

In this game, gamers must overcome some obstacles such as wolves, demons and evil eyes. While guiding a bat that is outfitted to Ozzy’s head, with the arrow keys on the keyboard in a 2-D universe.

The goal is to collect blood droplets to meet Ozzy’s blood needs. Green crosses also mean to renew health. Also, gamers can record the scores after the game ends and see their names on the leaderboard.

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A few days ago, the official and verified Instagram page of ‘Epic Records’ has uploaded a recent video of Ozzy Osbourne on Instagram Stories and his latest appearance saddened the fans.

As we all know, Ozzy announced that he had Parkinson’s disease after struggling with several health problems for the last two years.

If you watch the video, Ozzy stumbles due to the effects of his health problem while attending to an event. His fans upset after watching his video.

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