In a recent appearance on the daytime TV show, ‘U.K.’s Today,’ Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, has talked about the latest health status of her husband.

Today, Sharon Osbourne has joined a Tv show and told the background of the cancellation of their travel to Switzerland. She also mentioned the recent health status of Ozzy after the diagnosis of ‘Parkinson’s Disease.’

She started her statement with these sentences:

“We waited for months to get in to see this professor. But it is what it is. Everybody’s life is turned upside down. So, we’ll get there, we will. We’ll get there, just later.”

She continued:

“Because it’s so new, people weren’t sure about the ages, about who it’s gonna affect, who it’s not gonna affect, and I think that as soon as younger people heard that they’re gonna be fine, that’s what did it,

And I just think that everybody until, really, the last week, has been going out living a normal life. And you just can’t, because you can be a carrier and not have any symptoms and just pass it on to hundreds of people, and I think that’s what’s been going on.

And it’s nobody’s fault; it’s just that everybody’s trying to, with their stats and all the data that’s coming in from around the world, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle — they’re trying to make this thing fit. And so every day it’s changing.”

You can watch the video of the TV program below and click here to the source.