One of the co-founders of Black Sabbath, William Thomas ‘Bill’ Ward has shared some special photos of Ginger Baker on his certified Twitter account.

He sent his condolences to his long-time buddy, Ginger Baker who died 5 days ago.

Here’s what he captioned:

“The bass drums are not in time with each other, I search for a 1, listen to the hats, no 1 on the hats, listen for 4 beats on a crash ride, I can’t find them, they’re in his head. I fall back and listen to the entirety of the rhythm, I hear it all, it’s quiet, brilliant, unique, a leap forward, and alluring, what is this, multiple rhythms, endorsing progress, showing what can be brought out of a drum kit, when I thought I understood, he changed everything around, and what I was holding onto, pushed me away and almost demanded I start all over and listen closer this time.

“This man I’d never met, this traveler, rule breaker, this man, who showed the very many that change is possible, will live forever, his final punctuation marks leave me listening to the drums of Africa, and I am brought to a place to sit and rest and look at the swollen dark clouds, now opening slightly allowing sun rays to shoot to the ground, something great has happened. Something beautiful has passed.

A fan named Greg said that:

“You both are amazing drummers. Right at the top of my list along Keith Moon, Dave   Grohl and a few others.”

Another fan named Harbie commented:

“Ginger didn’t rate Mon as a drummer…. But then again didn’t rate many that highly lol.”

You can see the the Tweet and fan reactions bellow.

You can watch Bill’s latest interview video below.