Black Sabbath co-founder and guitarist, Tony Iommi, was recently interviewed by the official website of Lamborghini last week and talked about his long-time passion for luxury cars and of course, for Lamborghini.

In the interview, right after admitting that he bought a Lamborghini Urus recently, he also stated that he could not believe such a heavy-sized car can go that fast and decided to buy one immediately. As you may already know, Urus is one of the most famous SUVs in the world and it was manufactured by Italian automobile giant Lamborghini itself. The car was announced in 2017 and was put on the market in February 2018.

While sharing his passion for cars, Iommi also stated that Black Sabbath started the heavy metal genre and they were the inspiration of many legends like Metallica and Dave Grohl’s Foo Fighters. In that way, he likened Lamborghini with Sabbath by stating that the Italian giant always s looked for innovation while always retaining that unmatched power.

Here is what Iommi said:

“I started off with two Espadas in the ’70s, one after the other, then I bought a Miura SV. When the Urus came out, I fell in love with it. It drives well and it’s comfortable, I was impressed with it the first time I tried it during a track day. It was great and very responsive!

When I put my foot down I couldn’t believe it: it didn’t seem right, with a car of that size going that fast. I had to own it. And I’ve gone mad on blue all of a sudden, so it had to be blue.”

He continued:

“For us, it was all about sticking to what we do, what we believe in, and what we like, from day one and all the way through. I’ve never changed my style because it’s the fashion. We’ve been in and out of fashion ourselves as things around us were constantly changing. But we never compromised and came back as big as ever, until we filled stadiums again. It was brilliant!”

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