Legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi spoke in a recent interview with ‘Birmingham Mail,’ and revealed how he spends his time while being stuck at home due to coronavirus.

People quarantined themselves due to coronavirus outbreak. Famous names also show what they do at home on social media when they are under quarantine. However, Tony Iommi admitted that he spent most of his time with legendary Black Sabbath singer, Ozzy Osbourne.

Although the guitarist stayed in Worcestershire, England, Tony Iommi said that he is in regular contact with Ozzy Osbourne, who lives in Los Angeles, amid COVID-19, more than three years after the band played its final concert.

Here’s what Tony Iommi stated:

“Neighbors have dropped a note through the door asking if I want any shopping. They’re looking out for the poor old sod! I think this has brought us all closer. I’m even in touch with Ozzy every day as he gets over his own health problems in L.A.”

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A few days ago, Tony Iommi has participated in an important campaign for all of the medical workers in BirminghamUK via eBay.

On April 6, Tony Iommi launched an eBay auction to support the medical workers in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In the auction, some really rare albums of Black Sabbath will be sold to the buyers. All items will come from the musician’s personal collection and signed for the winning bidder.

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