Black Sabbath’s legendary guitarist Tony Iommi announced the death of his long-time friend and his lawyer, Jeff Greenberg, by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

In the post, Tony mentioned that Jeff was handling the affairs of Tony for 30 years and they became friends after this long time partnership. Afterward, Tony explained his feelings about his death.

Tony showed how sad he is about this devastating news and stated that he passed away too young while sharing his condolences to Jeff’s family. In this way, Tony paid his tribute to his long-time friend and prayed for his soul.

While this post was showing how a humble person Tony is, it also reveals how an emotional person he is. Because of that, most of the fans wanted to show their support for Tony, and they shared their goodwill by replying to the post.

Here is what Tony Iommi said:

“I’d like to say how sad to hear of the passing of my long-term New York lawyer Jeff Greenberg.

He’d been handling my affairs for over 30 years and had become a dear friend, way too young to be gone. My thoughts are with his wife and daughter at this time.”

You can check out the post below.