Legendary Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler was interviewed by Billboard for talking about his future plans with his new band.

He has revealed the reasons of why he returned making music after their farewell tour, and how he decided to form a new band called “Deadland Ritual”. Gezer stated:

“After 18 months of retirement, I would have said yes to anything! [laughs] After Sabbath finished, I just wanted to take time off and wake up every day and think, ‘Oh, great, I’ve got nothing to do today.’ That was okay for a year. After I put on about 20 pounds and watched every TV show there was I just went nuts.”

Interviewer asked:

“You’ve done solo albums, including G/Z/R with Burton C. Bell from Fear Factory… had you not considered doing something like that again?”

Geezer responded:

“Yeah, I’ll never stop writing. But it became more of a hobby than anything else. I was sorta relaxed and going off on different tangents in my little studio here, with the thought of eventually doing a G/Z/R album, but then Deadland Ritual came about, and that was it.”

Interviewer said:

“In those 18 months of retirement, was there a time when you didn’t even pick up an instrument for months at a time?”

Geezer replied:

“Yeah, I probably went for a couple months. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling since Sabbath finished. I went on my first cruise. It started off in Italy and went through Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and finished up in Venice.”

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