During the recent interview with Music Radar, Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has shared the story of how they recorded some Sabbath albums.

Interviewer asked:

“Which were the wildest recording sessions for Sabbath?”

Geezer stated:

“We only started using drugs while recording Vol. 4 [1972] onwards. The first few albums were recorded reasonably straight, maybe a few joints were smoked. The serious stuff was imbibed when we recorded that one in LA… and then later on Sabbath Bloody Sabbath [1973]. None of it made me play better.

I’d think so at the time – then when listening to it back sober, I’d have to redo everything. Alcohol is by far the worst for performing. I only ever did that once, and that was enough.”

Interviewer said:

“Now that touring with Sabbath is over, what do you plan to do with your time?”

Geezer responded:

“I will mainly be spending time with my family, dogs and cats – and probably doing lots of tourist-type travelling. Of course, I’ll be writing ideas for songs, which may or may not ever be heard publicly. I just enjoy experimenting in my home studio.”

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