Iconic Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi spoke in an archived interview recently published online by ‘Guitar World,’ and in the interview, Tony revealed the first song he wrote.

In the interview, Tony Iommi has remembered the early days of Black Sabbath, their high school days, first riffs and he started with this statement:

“The band’s sound developed over a period. We’d be getting louder and heavier, and we decided this was the way we wanted to go – and I came up with that ‘Wicked World’ riff. It was the first song we ever wrote and we really liked the way it was going.

‘Black Sabbath’ was the next one. We played these in a blues club and people in the crowd came up afterward: ‘What was that? We really liked it.’ ‘Oh, that’s one of our own songs.’

That sparked it all off, really. ‘Black Sabbath’ was the benchmark of where we were going to go, and off we went.”

He added:

“I think where we come from was also a great influence on the music because it was a bit dismal where we lived. There were always gang fights and God knows what else.

We worked in factories. I did and Ozzy did. Geezer was in the office; he was going to be an accountant. But there was a desire to escape, without a doubt. I’d always have these dreams of being on stage.

But I never thought it would be musical because I used to do contact sports. I thought it would be doing something like that. It was so weird when music took over. I remember playing one night and thinking, ‘Blimey, this is that image I used to see, of being on stage.'”

The interviewer asked yet another question to Tony:

“When metal happened, which you and your SG were fundamental to, was it a natural evolution from, say, Cream and Led Zeppelin, or was it the chemistry between the four of you?”

Tony Iommi answered this question:

“Yes, absolutely. I’d played in a band with Bill Ward before. We’d joined this blues band up in Carlisle. Then when Bill and myself got together with Oz and Geez, it was a weird combination.

Geez had played guitar before but never bass. Bill and I used to play in this place in Birmingham. They’d do an all-nighter with four or five bands. Geez was in this other band, and he’d be doing acid and climbing up walls. You’d go, ‘Blimey, he’s nutty, that guy.’

We never knew for a minute we’d end up playing with him. With Ozzy, I went to school with Ozzy and I never knew he was a singer.

When we first got together we’d just learn 12-bar songs, and on the first gig we did, I didn’t even know what they were going to wear. Geezer came in in this long hippie dress. I’ve got my leather jacket on.

Ozzy came with a shirt and a tap round his neck. I thought, ‘Bloody hell!’ We were a right odd bunch. But it brought us together and it just worked.”

The interviewer added this:

“Was there a decision to go that dark route? Was it that you wanted to be scary?”

Tony Iommi said this:

“Well, I was always interested, and so was Geezer, in horror movies and stuff like that. So we had this interest in the supernatural. We said, ‘Imagine how people get frightened, get that excitement from a horror movie, that fear. It would be nice to do that in music.’

And that’s how it took hold. Trying to make something in music that would give it the light and shade. Something a bit frightening, which Black Sabbath, according to a lot of people, was.

For a while, we couldn’t get anybody to talk to us, because they thought we were going to turn them into a fish or something. The reputation built up and up and up.”

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