Bill Ward, the original drummer of Black Sabbath, has penned down a really sad and emotional letter after the death of Rush’s legendary drummer Neil Peart.

As you might remember, Neil Peart has passed away about a week ago and he was 67 years old. The official publication of Rush says that the cause of death was brain cancer.

On Twitter, Bill Ward wrote a very emotional farewell message to his old-time buddy which is can be read below.

“Red Barchetta has become even more potent today after the news of your passing. Red Barchetta is sad today, and fondly reminding my wife and I of times and places long gone, but still sweet in our hearts.

What is left is a life’s work to praise, converse about, to be in awe of, knowing the world is a better place for your triumphs. What you did in the moments you had, what you created, lends itself to the richness of life, and for those who embraced your passion and love, I believe we are better for it. My wife and I respectfully thank you.

Our condolences to family members, friends, fellow musicians, and the fans. RIP Neil.

Love, Bill Ward”

You can see the Twitter post below.