Speaking in an interview with Rolling Stone, Black Sabath mastermind Tony Iommy spoke about drugs. He said:

“When I think of all the things we’ve done, whether good or bad, I think there’s a reason for everything.

I think if you change anything, it wouldn’t be what it is today. There’s things you regret, like the legal stuff, and the drugs and everything, but without that we might not be what we are today.”

Bassist Geezer Butler added:

“You can’t regret anything, because we all live great lives. If we had been millionaires in 1971, we would have probably killed ourselves; we would have probably bought a million dollars’ worth of heroin.

So you have to think of it like that. The drugs were what they were. They helped us. It was like four blokes going to the pub, but instead of going to the pub and having a good laugh, we were in a big mansion having a laugh with a lot of dope and groupies.

The only regrets I have would be financially in the early ’70s; I would have gotten a lawyer and an accountant. But that’s fate.

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