The legendary metal band Black Sabbath has posted a very unseen photo from their history on their Twitter account.

The band has revealed the very first version of the lyrics of their iconic song, The Wizard.’ The fans are really excited about that post, even a fan said that ‘we’re not worthy of this kind of stuff’ on social media.

On Twitter, Black Sabbath’s post got 2.9k likes and 450 retweets in just a day. A fan named Miquel commented:

“Masterpiece, sick lyrics, intro and it’s fucking timeless (I’m not even half old the song is and enjoy it every single time I blast it)”

Another fan named Vagrant said:

“One of my favorite Sabbath tracks ever!!! The cover by Bullring Brummies is a cool tribute as well!”

You can see the original photo of The Wizard’s lyrics below.

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