Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi revealed his thoughts about the passing of Mountain frontman Leslie West by sharing new posts on his official Twitter account.

As you may recall, Leslie West had a heart attack in his home close to Floride on December 20, and he was hospitalized immediately. However, he couldn’t regain consciousness. After two days, his death is confirmed by his brother, and Leslie left his legacy in this world at the age of 75.

Following his death, Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi wanted to share his feelings about this devastating news and said that he is pretty sad about the passing of West. Also, he mentioned that Black Sabbath supported his band Mountain in the earlier years.

Additionally, Iommi mentioned what a great and skilled guitar player and vocalist Leslie was. Moreover, Tony stated that Leslie West was a great person and will be missed while paying his tribute to the late icon.

Here is how Tony Iommi bid farewell to Leslie West:

“So sad to hear the news of Leslie West’s passing. He was a great guitar player and his band Mountain were one of the first band that Sabbath supported on our early tour of America. We struck up a great relationship on that tour – they were a really good band.

Leslie’s playing and the sound were just superb and he was a great singer too! When they came to the UK to tour he brought a gift of a similar Gibson to what he used on stage…. He was a really nice guy and will be sadly missed. RIP.”

You can check out the posts below.