Black Sabbath mastermind Tony Iommi spoke in an interview with Dave Ling, and revealed the story of why he apologized to then UK prime minister Tony Blair.

Tony remembered the time when they performing at 2002’s Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, and said:

“Being a part of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations was very weird but a wonderful experience. After Ozzy and I had played, we were invited to Buckingham Palace for a drink – supposedly for 15 minutes, but it didn’t turn out like that.

“And [princes] Harry and William complained, ‘You didn’t play ‘Black Sabbath’!’ It seems they are big fans.

And so was [then-Prime Minister] Tony Blair. While I was talking to him, Ozzy came over to ask me something and didn’t even acknowledge Blair. When I introduced them, Ozzy didn’t even say a word. After he’d gone I had to apologize: ‘Sorry, Tony. Ozzy’s always like that.’

And it’s true. There are so many examples. My wife and I had lunch with him and Sharon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. These two blokes came over to say hello, and one of them was [actor] David Arquette.

And at the top of his voice, Ozzy asked, ‘Who the fuck’s that?!’ How embarrassing – and funny. [Laughs] But that’s typical Ozzy. You’ll never change him.”

On his iconic guitar riffs, he said:

“I’ve no idea where those riffs come from. I’m just grateful that they do. They come out of the air; I don’t sit down and work them out. They just arrive.

It’s all very strange. I can sit down and two or three different riffs will come along in ten minutes. Some of them will be crap but most are usable.

I’m useless at most other things, but if there’s one thing I can do in life then it’s [to] write riffs.”

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