Black Sabbath icon Ozzy Osbourne shared a special photo on his Instagram page and revealed a bizarre photo of his from 1981.

Here is what’s written on the Circus Magazine article:

“June 1981 #tbt
Circus Magazine Article
Photo: @markweissguy

“Ozzy (double-o) Osbourne has made a vocation of pumping iron-hard, muscular rock out to the masses ever since his fershman year (1970). Ozzy was sidelined during past two years in what was certainly a black period in his career.

But Never Say Die was his game plan, and in 1981 he’s a logical candidate for Comeback of the Year honors with Blizzard of Ozz (Jet), his first LP since quitting heavy metal maverick team Black Sabbath.”


Yesterday, Ozzy Osbourne’s beloved son, Jack Osbourne attended the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards this week and revealed the latest health status of Prince of Darkness.

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