Black Sabbath guitarist and mastermind Tony Iommi spoke in an event called “Whitley Bay Film Festival” and explained his thoughts about possibility of a new solo album.

He confirmed that will enter the studio soon. Here’s the statement:

I’m still putting stuff together. I’m still writing stuff; I’ve put ideas down on tapes. When all this nice, sunny weather goes and it gets grim, I shall start going in the studio and putting it down.

My engineer [Mike Exeter], who I had for everything with me at home, he’s just done Judas Priest’s album [‘Firepower,’ released on March 9, 2018]. Now he’s finished that, and we’ll hopefully start again and put some ideas down.

I don’t know what it’s gonna be yet – whether it’ll be an instrumental album. I’ve been approached by a lot of people to do something with them.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.