Black Sabbath’s successful lead guitarist Tony Iommi, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account to correct a typo in his previous post about auctioning a Black Sabbath item in order to support a new NHS surgery, yet his fans are still concerned about whether he is the one getting the surgery or not.

As you may recall, a couple of days ago, a tweet was posted on Tony Iommi’s Twitter account which stated that Tony will be auctioning a Black Sabbath item so as to support a new NHS surgery.

This tweet, probably posted by his manager, scared Tony’s fans who couldn’t understand if he is holding this auction as a charity project or whether it is he who needs the money for the surgery.

Just some hours ago, Tony posted a followup tweet to correct a typo. Fans got excited expecting that he will be clarifying his state of health, but instead, Toni corrected the date that the auctioned item is from.

In his follow-up tweet, Tony said that the auctioned item, the ‘Ozzfest Programme 2014 signed by Black Sabbath’ is not from 2014 but from 2004 and it looks like that was all Tony had to say for now.

Unfortunately, he did not respond to any of the questions considering his health status, and thus, fans are still concerned. Some of them replied to his follow-up tweet by saying that this was not what they were concerned about and others asked him to clarify what’s going on.

Here’s what Tony Iommi said about the auction aiming to help finish a new NHS surgery:

“Tony is going to be auctioning some more items to help finish a new NHS surgery. We appreciate everyone’s support, but please only bid if you are genuinely going to buy it. Many thanks.”

Here’s what Iommi said in his new tweet considering his previous tweet:

There’s a typo in the title of the auction, it is not 2014, it is 2004. Many thanks for your interest.”

You can see the tweet that Tommy Iommi posted on his official Twitter account below.